Did you dream? Did you dream too big? Or did you not dream at all?

One of my favourite quotes by J. Rumi is:

“Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart”

Once we know what our purpose in life is, the desire beating in our heart just needs to be followed without procrastination and with great discipline. We cannot follow this passion without discipline. Discipline means devoting time, effort and not letting any obstacle in the way discourage you. Oftentimes though, you may do something somewhat opposite to this, you over-dream, meaning you dream so big that you’re waiting for the right moment, the right time, the right day, the right weather, the right setting the right temperature and end up doing nothin.

Shave off your “ego-ness” from your dream or it can lead to nowhere.

Sometimes we do know our purpose and how to pursue it but often we let the ego lead the way and this is when we truly loose ourselves. We let the ego make us small so it can feel great.

When looking at the following video many of you will identify in these common mistakes.


The trouble is that we do not accept ourselves as ordinary human beings that can do great things, rather we wait to be great and labelled as “great” by the world in order to give ourselves the permission to act.

It does not happen this way but rather the other way around. We must accept our littleness and ordinary nature to act and then the world will welcome the way it can and needs your doing, your offer to it.

So the 2 steps to do in 2017 to make it better than 2016:

  • Accept what you are, from your littleness you can do great things for the world.
  • Remove the misleading ego from your dream and go!