Hello and good day to everybody!

I am starting this blog to share the love and faith I have for life and to share a journey with the hope that some of the words here will inspire some of you who are casting your eyes on this page.

I like to listen and listen and ….listen to human stories.

I have listened to many and seen that even from the ugliest storm, love comes out victorious.

In my blog I will be sharing, mine and other people’s journeys to prove that there is ALWAYS an option to re-write our stories and follow the paths of love, joy, serenity…no matter what goes on in or around you.

I have been encouraged by those people that in the past few years have given me so much support, love and appreciation.

I am thrilled to start this new adventure.

My greatest wish is that my words in this blog, my first book and the following will inspire seekers like me to go off on their journey determined to make a difference in their lives, determined to learn how to give as much as to learn how to receive.

I wish everybody to live in this dimension with the greatest joy and acceptance to appreciate every single moment of their existence and being of inspiration to many.

Love to ALL

original post: November 1, 2016