We let the busyness of life take away what would give us balance and joy when it would be available to us any time anywhere and daily.

We seem to have no time to read  enough soul nurturing material.

We have no time to spend in nature if not on rare and well planned occasions.

We have no time to quiet our mind and breathe the silence.

All these activities can take us to a place of balance and joy if we include them in our daily life.

In balance and joy we can face the biggest blast life is surprising us with.

I realized myself that there is no joy when I do not feed my soul.

Reading inspires us.

Working in nature or simply being in nature, teaches us.

Listening to silence delivers answers.

In joy and with joy our Universe expands. When we fill our days with these activities we are nourishing our soul and we allow growth. It does not have to be in far away lands, it does not have to be with the most enlightened master. It’s enough to do it daily in our gardens, in our city parks, in our homes, within our days as long as we do not procrastinate until we can travel to India or to a spiritually high energy zone.

Have a joyful day!

Antonella Lo Re