Let the games begin!
1oo cards in 365 days!
Who’s with me?

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This thanksgiving week inspired me to start this new project: the 365 Day Thank-a-thon !

The Thank-a-thon began as a personal project in order to efficiently express the gratitude for all the support and love I receive in my life.

My goal for this project is writing 100 thank you cards to everyone in my life, that with his or her actions, is showing me love. From my building concierge, the lovely lady at the cleaners, the joyous mechanic, and the helpful waiters at my favorite restaurant.  I will make it a point to gratify at least 100 people outside of my family and circle of friends, because even when they don’t owe it to me, they are somehow taking care of me.

I will be sharing my letters and some reactions under the new tab “thank-a-thon”. I invite you to join me in our yearlong journey of demonstrating gratitude to those who support you the most, this can include anybody: people like those aforementioned, co-workers, strangers, and even friends and family. I urge you to join my community so we can spread our gratitude and influence  others to do the same.

Gratitude is an antidote to judgment, to resentment, to fear, and to anxiety; it nourishes compassion and love!
Gratitude is a prosperous seed, and by dedicating enough time to it, it grows!

I encourage you to share your thanks, if not all 100, just those closest to your heart. Once you share you may find them featured under the thank-a-thon tag.

Share your thanks by email, comment below, or message/ post on my Facebook page, and use the #ALRthankathon to show your gratitude on twitter!

I’m excited to see what our community can achieve, let’s start making a difference together. Let’s start now.