One must reconcile with the suffering of life. Embracing life means to say “yes” to the joy and sorrow offered. Only if we accept it all can we understand the meaning of life.

Herman Hesse said, “Life acquires meaning only through love. The more we are capable of love and dedication, the more our lives will be rich with meaning.”

Love is really what gets me through even the most difficult times and with the most difficult situations. It’s really the force that is guiding my life and sustaining my wisdom, reminding me of what I have been learning so far.

Yes, wisdom. Herman Hesse said that it is something very simple, and I believe that it is stored close to us or within us. He said, “Wisdom is also simple, it has been expressed and stated so long ago, why does it belong to us only in part? Why only in good days and not always?”

Almost every day, despite what I have come to know through my journey, something happens to which I have the response or the reaction I would never want to have. Why?

Does it make me human? Yes! The good news is that I have noticed that every time I fall from the good intention responses to ┬ápick up old dynamics, that lapse of time has shortened with practice. Yet still, my greatest wish is to keep an eternal balance, an on-going wisdom that would prevent me from falling into this being “annoyingly human”. That is my greatest desire today.

Antonella Lo Re