Hello dear ones,

At this time of year things do get crazy! Between wrapping up business duties, preparing for the holiday celebrations, packing for travels- we don’t know which takes up more of our time! Sometimes the only solution is to distance ourselves from the chaos!

Particularly in a time where such high tension emanates from myself and just about every other person I pass in the street, I do get fairly stressed out being in crowds –despite my passion for being around diverse groups of people and spending quality time with family and friends.

When the crisp winter air begins to present itself, I enjoy waking up early while everyone’s sound asleep and make my way to the town center, where I can watch my favorite stores open in the early hours and leave town once I’m through with my daily walk and any other errands to run. I take my time in the dewy mornings to stroll around while enjoying Christmas decorations and the holiday atmosphere, immersing myself into the peace, joy, and love “Zone”.  In Europe, where I am now, I smell the bakery and patisserie flavors typical of daily beginnings and I breath in the wonderful fresh and undisturbed air while exchanging “buongiornos” with the few smiling strangers I collide with. Encounters like these replenish my need for human interaction, reminding me how humans can be kind and gentle even in the most tedious and chaotic of times; these unfamiliar smiles are what recharge me for the rest of the day.

Despite my quotidian attempts, I have found myself in the madness a couple of times and I thought of this quote by Herman Hesse.

“Light the Christmas candles for your children! Let them sing carols! But don’t delude yourselves, don’t content yourselves year after year with the shabby, pathetic, sentimental feeling you have when you celebrate your holidays! Demand more of yourselves! Love and joy and the mysterious thing we call “happiness” are not over here or over there, they are only “within yourselves.”

Hermann Hesse, If The War Goes On: Reflections On War And Politics

With this, I shall leave you dear ones, as now my mind is at peace but there is still much to be done! May this beautiful quote resonate with you and your soul, and allow you to appreciate even the busiest of moments. May even be a good idea to reflect back on last week’s post about mindless meditation.

My best wishes to you all, until next week!