Are you having a good day?

I can imagine answers to this question include many variables with varying outcomes. What makes us pass through peaks and valleys always depends on external circumstances.

If the external circumstances make things go as I expected: I am happy.

If the external circumstances make things turn against my expectations: I am unhappy.

What if we were to focus on what it is that makes us happy, and refuse to be carried away by any external circumstances? It is our own decision to accept the present and we must be willing to remain focused on the positive things that sweep away the all forms of negativity.

So let’s stop outsourcing our happiness.

It has been an honor for me to listen to this wise young man and I wanted to share this Tedx Talk by Sam Berns with you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Take what you want from it but I wish that it will inspire you to always be your best.


Now, I believe that after asking ourselves whether we are having a good or bad day we should ask ourselves “why?”

Why am I having a good day or why am I having a bad day? What positive things should I focus on which have improved my day in order to allow me to focus on my glass being half-full.

And if it’s true that we all want good days ahead we do need to turn within and listen to the voice within. Learning to listen to the silence, this is what we will talk about soon!

Thank you all for your support these first 2 weeks of and I appreciate all your feedback. Hope to hear from all of you soon!