Every morning when I wake up, I have a few minutes wondering how my day will be, what I have to learn and how I will carry out the day.

I bless my day and my loved ones, I think of the less fortunate. I get up blessing what life is and what it will be, ready for the new opportunity to make it better.

I do not know what I will do, what I will say, how I will react that day but I have my mantra: Love, forgiveness, acceptance and to refrain from judgement.

I recently listened a friend expressing her pain and I responded with the following stream of consciousness that I would like to share with you:

“Life has never promised us a smooth ride or bump-free adventure.

Our journey in this dimension is a journey where we are sitting at a window where sometimes the sun shines through it, or where a faint light comes through it, or pitch black obscures the entire landscape outside and allows no light to come in and guide you. Life is a window with an amazing view or… a terrible view.

We need to accept even the segments of our journey with little or no light coming through that window.

Accepting life means to embrace it all. Learning to accept without forgetting what it is that we have and we love, even if that is only breathing.

Even in those dim segments of the journey we need to tell our emotions to slow down because we do remember what we like and love. We cannot let our emotions wipe out the good in our life completely.

Accept, breath and go on living, thank life for having shown us this too. Speaking to our emotions is a way to keep them at bay since they are sooo good at taking over!

We need to recall that the good is not vanished, it’s still part of our life.

We need to talk to our ego and be grateful. Remember to say:

‘I know what you are telling me but I also have…  and /or remember our last laugh, our last moment of joy, and I will not let that be overpowered by negative thoughts.’

Those grumbling thoughts pervading your mind are your ego and mind that want to interrupt and derail your journey. Do not allow that to happen. Just affirm that you accept the journey as it is and mention the list of good things you do have or had. Never forget to say ‘thank you’, for gratitude is the most powerful prayer a human being can utter.”

I welcome my day with love, I close my day with gratitude.

Antonella Lo Re