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Start your life again……….now!


Commit to grow up and not only old. Learn…


  • How to make changes last and results motivate you
  • How to achieve joy for life again when life hits hard
  • How to stop wishing your life away
  • How to stop deceiving yourself

 Join our community and you will rise again when all around you falls apart.

You will experience your true potential.

You will free yourself from old negative dynamics holding you back.


Seven Steps to Joy…

…is now an online course! Give yourself permission to feel better. Get unstuck, and go beyond your own resistance. Join me and discover a new world of infinite possibilities.

Your transformation IS possible!


Who am I to say this?

Well I have been walking the walk. I can tell you I have been learning, reading, attending courses, but most of all I want to tell you I have been there and done that.

I felt pain in my skin for the isolation and loneliness, I felt hopeless looking at a future like an insurmountable peak I would never be able to climb, I ate, breathed and dreamed fear, as it was the only oxygen available for me. I was wrapped up in panic and tension, unable to feel deserving of anything presented to me — even doubting and fearing the best present I was gifted by this life: motherhood.

I turned my life around. I decided to grow up and I made the conscious decision to give up growing only old.

Do you want to…

  • stop wishing your life away
  • get to real changes
  • achieve life-long results?


My online course will help you to commit to your new life

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Three more days…

Three more days…

Dear All, 3 more days until October 16th and as many of you know, my book will be out and available on Amazon. Seven Steps to Joy is now a reality. It is a little book I was ready to share in 2014 but then life derailed our family pathways and pulled all of us in a...

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The road to October 16th

The road to October 16th

…It has taken and continues to take much time to process this pain. After the passing of my husband and taking some time to collect myself and my thoughts I decided to continue writing…

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